a tribute to beauty and truth {being lost and being found}


O, me! So sad- recurring , what good amid these- O, me! O, life!


That you are here. That life exists- and identity. That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

izzy36_635740736042528889_Afterlight_Edit izzy39_635741071966239996_Afterlight_Editizzyb&w_635741139334443805_Afterlight_Edit izzy44_635741106363179900_Afterlight_Edit izzy42_635741105576476440_Afterlight_Edit izzy44_635741075071096566_Afterlight_Edit izzzzy_635740741238183470_Afterlight_Edit izzy28_635740667733815570_Afterlight_Edit izzy27_635740661615721279_Afterlight_Edit izzy26_635740660694380819_Afterlight_Edit izzy23_635740654719072958_Afterlight_Edit izzy22_635740641317137066_Afterlight_Edit izzy18_635740604983235812_Afterlight_Edit izzy17_635740599333931821_Afterlight_Edit izzy15_635740590138079430_Afterlight_Edit izzy6_635740470450711853_Afterlight_Edit izzy10_635740571963113987_Afterlight_Edit izzy2_635740454206566751_Afterlight_Edit izzy3_635740456121698201_Afterlight_Edit izzy1


One thought on “a tribute to beauty and truth {being lost and being found}

  1. Your pictures of my Isabelle are more than great. Stunning. Beautiful. She is such a beauty inside & out & you captured her spirit so well!

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