facts and explanations concerning me

Hello, my name is Emily Marie. I’m 19 years old. I am a Jesus follower. I live in the Mojave desert. And I made this to share my photography.

I like trees and pretending I can climb them. I love my sister’s orange cat Finn, and playing guitar. I’m clumsy but I’d like to be graceful. I’m full of illogical worry, reading books is very important, gluten is my enemy, and the stars fascinate me. Sometimes I’m pretentious, and I talk too much or not enough; but mostly I’m a human and things don’t always make sense.

Stay sweet and sassy.




email- iamodonnell99@gmail.com

facebook- Emily O’Donnell

instagram- a_studyinphotography




One thought on “facts and explanations concerning me

  1. I’m clumsy too. Try slowing a little as this will help. The stars, space, and especially the moon rock my soul. Love you, Jimmy.

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